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WireBootstrap Query Service

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Quick Overview

The WireBootstrap Query Service allows data in SQL database services to be queried directly from a web browser. This eliminates the need to create custom data service layers between front-end code and SQL data. The current version supports only SQL Server.

The query service runs as a Windows Service and accepts HTTP API requests directly from the WireBootstrap JavaScript framework.

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Product Editions

Lite Edition


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Professional Edition


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Enterprise Edition


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Allows a few concurrent queries. Great way to get started with the service or for unit development and testing. Ideal for production deployments of small to mid-size applications. Adds the ability for persisting data to a database. Adds strongly typed development via the WireBootstrap TypeScript ORM framework. Extends technical support to 6 months. Removes any concurrent query limitations. Needed for larger application with lots of concurrent queries and/or users.
Max Concurrency 10 50 Unlimited
Meta Data Discovery
Read Queries
TypeScript ORM
Technical Support 30 Days 6 Months 6 Months